About Us

For nearly two decades, AirLink Ambulance provides bedside-to-bedside air ambulance transportations and commercial medical escorts all year round. We are dedicated to bringing critically ill or injured patients back home or to a more adequate medical facility.

Our aircraft are fully equipped intensive care units and all medical staff and equipment are customized to the patient’s particular needs. With the most experienced and respected medical teams in the industry, we have been recognized in thousands of testimonials for our compassionate and high-quality care. Chosen as a preferred provider for embassies, cruise lines and major insurance companies, we have successfully completed over 2500 missions.

In addition to providing excellent air ambulance service for critical patients suffering from almost any kind of medical condition, AirLink Ambulance is proud to be an expert in highly specialized services such as the transport of burn victims.

With accreditation from both ARGUS and EURAMI, AirLink is able to deliver a seamless transport experience to our patients. We are here to help.